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Weed cigars are basically extra large joints that are packed with premium flower, rolled in resin, hash, or another concentrated cannabis product, then wrapped in cannabis leaves and left to cure. It’s one way to include nearly every part of the plant in your product.

Cannabis cigars typically involve several layers of plant material, so the price can vary from $90 for a small cannagar to hundreds or even thousands for a luxury piece made with the finest top shelf ingredients. But with that much potency packed into each hit, chances are it will take you some time to smoke the whole thing down, giving you plenty of time to savor it.




What exactly is a Cannagar, canna-cigar or cannabis cigar? An actual Cannagar is a cannabis flower packed core with or without a center skewer for venting. Sometimes they have an added concentrate such as shatter, wax, distillate, etc. to the core, then hand wrapped in cleaned cannabis plant leaves. After they are slightly dried, they are then cured in a humidity and temperature controlled humidor for specific length of time. This ensures a slow, even and smooth burn.

A REAL canna-cigar (Cannagar) is not a stuffed palm leaf, blunt, doink, etc. Those are NOT a canna Cigar! A canna-cigar; Cannagar is ONLY 100% of the cannabis plant, NO other plant material or other materials added.

Think of it how a cigar is made, tobacco wrapped with tobacco not a palm leaf, raw paper, banana peal or whatever people use today.


Cannagar cigars are not what you initially think. They are potent and they really do pack a punch, with many strains having higher CBD percentages you will feel pleasantly surprised after smoking one of these masterpieces and you’ll come back again and again to experience the bliss of a well crafted hand-rolled hemp cigar from Hireefer. Each of the cannarillos and cannagars are hand wrapped and cured in temperature and humidity controlled humidor. This ensures they stay fresh, smoke smooth and slow. Cannagars are available at our online shop 24/7.




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